Summer Jobs


The VI national Park has two openings for adults 21 and older and 8 positions for youth 15-18.

They are seeking qualified individuals to lead, educate, and inspire students for the summer of 2019.The Youth Conservation Corps is a summer youth program to help young people with meaningful work experience in the national parks forest, wildlife refuge, and fish hatcheries.

Qualified leaders will have a strong field experience and be able to inspire, motivate, lead, and guide.

Crew leaders will have a 40 hr. a week position, and pay is $600 per week.

Crew positions are open to anyone looking for a paid summer job. Must be between 15-18 years of age.

Work will be between June 24 to Aug. 2 at 40 hours a week working on trails, natural resource conservation. Pay is $10.50 per hour. You can fill out an application on line at or you can pick one up at the parks visitors center.

For more information contact Laurel Brannick at



Fee collection at Trunk Bay

The national park has start collecting fees for Trunk Bay again. The beach hasn’t collected fees since the hurricanes. Fees started Saturday and offset some of the costs of the water for showers and bathrooms. Fees are only collected when the water is turned on and can be used.

The 5-dollar fee is collected from 8:30am – 4pm daily. You can also buy an annual individual pass that is good for one year for $20. Or a family pass (good for up to 4 people) at $30 a year.


St. John Festival Schedule

Festival bike race: June 15, at 8 am. VI National Park parking lot


St John Royalty Pageant: June 22, at 6pm VI national ball park


Food fair coronation: June 23, 1pm Franklin Powel Park


Children’s Village opening: June 29, 6pm VI National Parking lot


J’ouvert: July 4 sunrise, VI National Park


Fireworks: July 4, 9pm VI National Park


Poker Run: July 7, noon Cruz Bay Harbour