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  Would like to thank Laura and Clemence. The big winners of the Island eGuide vacation give away. Congradulations you two and Happy Vacationing in St John USVI. Check out the Island eGuide YouTube video of the two accepting their Prize. Thanks again Laura and Clemence!



Donkeys put to work on St John


  The Leinster Bay fort stabilization got some help in a throwback way. There was a crew of donkeys contributing to the project. The donkeys were working as part of the Virgin Island National Park effort to stabilize the old guard house. They were supplied by Dana Bartlett of Carolina Corral. The Donkeys were originally brought to the Island to do heavy lifting. The ones supplied by Bartlett had never carried a pack and only one had ever been saddled. Ken Wild of the National Park says they were a little stubborn but the donkeys were friends and got the job done.



Pan Dragons


  Friday, the Pan Dragons performed Infront of a large crowd of visitors and locals in Mongoose Junction. They played many Caribbean favorites to the crowd’s delight. The performance lasted close to two hours in the courtyard in front of Bajo el Sol as part of the First Friday event’s every month.