The Clintons visit St John

Both President Bill Clinton and his wife, Hillary, visited St John just prior to the fourth post recovery meeting on Monday.

The Clintons, along with donors and supporters of the Clinton Global Initiative, stopped by the home of Adele Thomas, which was rebuilt by the Resilient Housing Initiative.

Nearly two years after the storms that ripped off the roof to her home, she was able to move back in on Friday night.

The Clintons toured the Love City Strong construction yard in Chocolate Hole. Meaghan Enright, the director of Love City Strong, said it was a huge honor and that they were grateful for the exposure and attention the Clinton Foundation has allowed us to have.

Bill Clinton meeting with Love City Strong construction yard

Bill Clinton talking about hurricane Irma disaster recovery


Maho Bay

Is welcoming back shade that is provided by rebuilt pavilions.

the previous pavilions and concrete floors destroyed by the two CAT 5 storms the wrecked the Islands two years ago.

Once the friends of the park convinced the Nation Parks that there was a need to provide shade for beach goers, they compromised on what to build. The National Park didn't want anything like a concrete structure. They opted for a smaller foot print.

The new structures are 10' by 10' and a third that is 10' by 20'. they are adjacent to the handicap parking for easy access.

Funding came from a Community Foundation of the Virgin Island grant of $20,000 with the rest ($114,000) coming from individual post- hurricane donations.


Francis Bay

 The Boardwalk at Francis beach has been rebuilt, finally, after two years.

The popular board walk was rebuilt thanks to volunteers of the Audubon Society of St John. Visitors can bird watch while taking a rest, or may see crabs moving around the base of the board walk.