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 Located at the end of a poorly maintained dirt road used mostly by the Virgin Islands National Park Rangers and VIERS [ Virgin Islands Environmental Research Station] you’ll find Great Lameshur Bay and Little Lameshur Bay beach. Both are part of the Virgin Islands National Park and enjoy a secluded off-the-beaten-path location. Things to know before you go – the road is really best traveled in a four-wheel-drive vehicle, especially since the hurricanes of 2017. It is something of a trek so plan to spend some time there. Since you’ll likely spend the better part of your day – plan on bringing something to eat and drink. There are no restroom facilities or concession stands.

The beach is a wonderful crescent of soft white sand with a pebbly transition at the waterline. Entering the water at the apex of the beach is the best. Protected from the north shore swells – Lameshur is usually pretty calm and a great place to bring a float and just hang out in the water.

There are wonderful waterfront ruins which provide great photo opportunities.

Snorkeling is good along the eastern shore ( left as you face the water) and gets better the farther you travel. If you go far enough you’ll round the tip of the peninsula called Yawzi Point. The snorkeling is fantastic – but challenging. You’ll face waves, current and deeper structure 

When winter swells make swimming and snorkeling on the north shore difficult … Lameshur is an excellent alternative on the South Shore. There are picnic tables, barbecues and chemical toilets. The East side has steep cliffs and canyons often teaming with fish close to Yawzi Point,. It is considered a favorite snorkel but should only be attempted if you’re experienced and fit. Even further out of the way than Great Lameshur, Little Lameshur is the farthest beach from Cruz Bay and the literal end of the end of the road.


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