Surfrider Foundation Rincón


undación Surfrider Rincón (FSR) is a non-profit community-based grassroots/volunteer staffed group, and in 2009 was also chartered as an independent member chapter of Surfrider Foundation, the national 501 (c, 3) nonprofit environmental organization registered in California. Surfrider now consists of 90 chapters worldwide, and about 50,000 members and this international network is available to us. FSR was the first chapter to be organized in a non-English speaking country and was formed in 2001 primarily to develop and help realize the creation of the Reserva Marina Tres Palmas (RMTP) in Rincòn, PR’s first officially co-managed Marine Protected Area. RMTP contains the last healthy and genetically diverse stands of elkhorn coral (Acropora palmata) in PR, which is a federally-protected endangered species. Although FSR does not have a seat on the Management Board, the chapter was instrumental in forming the RMTP and to date is the only effective on-site monitoring organization concerned with the preservation of this area.



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Rincon, Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico
Caribbean Sea

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