June Rainhead Report


Hey Rainheads!
Greetings from the humid St. John desert. The dry days of summer came early and abruptly this year. After an abundantly wet May, the rain machine sputtered on until the 9th day of June, yielding .18 Inches. The next rainy period came on the eve of official Summer and .19" more fell. The biggest "rain" of the month was on the 19th, a whopping .13, or roughly an 1/8 of an inch, which was the ruin of the run for the record for driest June at Calabash Boom. To add insult to injury, another .04 accumulated on the 28th/29th giving us .41 inches for the month and only a bronze medal for June non-precipitation. (Gold was 2012's .33" while silver went to '14's .36")
Sidebar: I talked with Eleanor Gibney one day and she said the driest year since records were kept here (1917?) was 1994, the year before hurricanes Luis and Marilyn here. But I digress.
All in all June 2016 was a pretty boring, some might say saddening month, with nearly constant sunshine, every day every day every day, the majority of those days being somewhat or mostly hazy, though there were a handful of beautiful clear blue sky days, and temperatures reaching 88-90 in the day, often with a heat index of over 100, and down to 79-80 at night. The highlight of the month was the leading edge of a tropical wave's thunder, lightning and wind! that arrived around midnight of the 20th that resulted in the aforementioned .13 " Ah, the thrill of the tempest--which lasted all of 5 minutes.
So now that it is July and there are no more concerns for breaking records in June, let it rain, I mean seriously rain. Let the trees that have already started to drop leaves once again be saved the indignity and bad health of going bare. Let the Flamboyant trees blaze with their brilliant full crown of oranges and reds. (or the very rare yellows and whites). Let each toilet flush and shower not be the anxious threat to the cistern going dry. Let the moisture soak the ground thoroughly so that each cup of water poured carefully on the plants while rinsing the dishes and each mouthful spitted out from the teeth cleaning, and copious amounts applied directly to the wilting biomasses by container or hose will not be immediately sucked away like a sponge from the surrounding desert dry soil.  
Yes, it could be so much worse. In so many ways St. John is a blissful oasis in a world of misery, fear and general horribleness. Yes, we do haves more telephone poles per square foot than probably any other place under the American flag, and our roads haven't been paved in about 30 years but aren't those just pesky 1st World laments? I for one won't be defeated, but rather be thankful for what I have. It's time for that nice "cold" (80 degree out of faucet) shower and to look beseechingly ahead to the hot dry hazy windy days of July. Or not. Until next month, cheers, later, Don 

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18 Sep 2016

By Don Near