A Glimpse into the Life of an Animal Care Center Manager

From the Manager of The Animal Care Center of St. John:

As 2016 has come to an end I want to take the time to thank everyone for all the support this year that you have shown our small little rescue. This is not an easy task and sometimes I question how far or how long I can actually go. This is not a job that ends when I lock up at night. Its 7 days a week and it follows me home, to the grocery store, the beach, the park when I'm with my kids, I have even had a dog put on my lap at dinner while out with my wife. I'm not perfect and I try to do the best I can with what we have available and the time that is given. If I come of short or rude most of the time its has nothing to do with a particular person or conversation its just built up frustration. Every morning I try to come in with an open mind knowing that for all the craziness we see more good will come out of it. I want to take the time to thank all the staff who have and still work here at the ACC. Without you this shelter would not run. You see me at my best and at my worst and I thank you for being the compassionate people you are. A big thank you to our board without your help the shelter would not exist, and I appreciate all the time, and support you give to us here at the shelter. Also for letting me vent I need that sometimes. Thank you to the wonderful staff at Canines, Cats, and Critters you guys mean the world to me!!! To all our donors, adopters, volunteers, etc you are as much a part of this shelter as anyone else and its because of your warm and generous hearts that we can continue to move forward. In 2016 we saw some long term residents find loving homes starting with Moose, then Dingo, and finally Phantom. When you add up all their years at the shelter it comes to 9 years, 4 for Moose, 3 for Phantom, and 2 for Dingo. All 3 dogs are doing great in their new homes, and its for this reason we pride ourselves in being a no kill rescue. In 2016 we took in 94 dogs of which 72 were placed into homes. Those are the best numbers in 3 years for dogs finding homes. As for cats we took in 62 cats in house, 43 of which found homes. Also our Feral Cat Program trapped, fixed and vaccinated close to 230 cats which we feel is a very good number. Again thank you for all the support and stay tuned for information on our Winter Gala which is Saturday February 4th. In the coming weeks we will have more information for you on this event and we hope 2017 is just as good as 2016 if not better. 

Cheers, Ryan Moore ACC Shelter Manager

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10 Jan 2017

By Ryan Moore